Commercial Cleaning

FCG Commercial Cleaning Services

With a wide reach across Houston and its surrounding areas, we guarantee excellence and professionalism… every time. We are committed to getting to know you, your space, and the unique intricacies of your business so that our team can go above and beyond your expectations – that is what we are all about!  Registered and insured in the State of Texas, we pride ourselves on quality service, many years of experience, and a family of satisfied customers.

We are happy to be in your corner!

*We service businesses of all sizes and will work with you to create a customized cleaning schedule and checklist that fits your needs to the tee.

*Our cleaning professionals wear a uniform so that you always know who we are. We will also do our best to staff consistently; this ensures great relationships and a deep knowledge of your space.

*You will have a cleaning services supervisor assigned to your location so that you have a contact you can trust and rely on at all times.

*Our eco friendly products guarantee impeccable results without negatively impacting the environment or your health.

Transitioning Cleaning Services

Transitioning to a new cleaning service does not have to be a long complicated process.

*We make transitions go as smoothly as possible with open communication and open availability to fit your schedule.

*We customize every aspect of our services based on your needs. This allows us to be flexible in our pricing.

*We offer a 6 month price match guarantee to your current plan.

Added Complimentary Services:


Day Porter


Carpet Cleaning


Floor Maintenance